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Jim Stoppani's Encyclopedia of Muscle & Strength-2nd Edition


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Jim Stoppani's Encyclopedia of Muscle & Strength-2nd Edition
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Whether you seek fat loss and lean muscle development or mass development and strength improvement, this comprehensive guide with 381 exercises and 116 ready-to-use workouts featuring the most popular training equipment (free weights, TRX, BOSU, kettlebells, and body weight) will position you for success.

Finally, a research-based book that covers all facets of optimizing the development of muscle and strength. Jim Stoppani’s Encyclopedia of Muscle & Strength, Second Edition, is a comprehensive training guide and reference that provides
  • definitions of key terms and concepts;
  • evaluations of equipment options, including TRX, BOSU, and kettlebells;
  • explanations of the role and importance of each muscle group;
  • latest nutrition information for losing fat and increasing muscle mass;
  • presentations of the best exercises, including body weight, for adding strength and mass; and
  • descriptions and examples of many types of workouts and programs and their effects.
Choose from 381 exercises presented for 13 muscle groups and the whole body. Proper technique for each exercise is tailored to the type of resistance used, be it free weights, weight machines, or body weight. Plus, each of the 116 training programs is rated according to workout duration, the projected time frame for achieving measurable results, level of difficulty, and overall effectiveness.

Past Muscle & Fitness senior science editor Jim Stoppani covers each topic in detail. His advice will help you conquer any problem or plateau you encounter. So build your knowledge base to build a better body. Jim Stoppani’s Encyclopedia of Muscle & Strength is the ultimate resource for pinpointing and achieving the results you’re seeking.


Part I Training Essentials

Chapter 1 Core Concepts
Chapter 2 Training Variables
Chapter 3 Training Cycles
Chapter 4 Strength Training Equipment

Part II Training for Muscle Mass

Chapter 5 Tactics for Building Muscle Mass
Chapter 6 Programs for Building Muscle Mass
Chapter 7 Training Cycles for Building Muscle Mass

Part III Training for Maximal Strength

Chapter 8 Tactics for Maximizing Strength
Chapter 9 Programs for Maximizing Strength
Chapter 10 Training Cycles for Gaining Maximal Strength

Part IV Training for Maximal Fat Loss

Chapter 11 Tactics for Maximal Fat Loss
Chapter 12 Cardio Training for Maximizing Fat Loss
Chapter 13 Programs for Maximal Fat Loss

Part V Training Exercises

Chapter 14 Chest
Chapter 15 Shoulders
Chapter 16 Back
Chapter 17 Trapezius
Chapter 18 Triceps
Chapter 19 Biceps
Chapter 20 Forearms
Chapter 21 Quadriceps
Chapter 22 Hamstrings and Glutes
Chapter 23 Calves
Chapter 24 Abdominals and Core
Chapter 25 Whole Body
Chapter 26 Calisthenics

Part VI Nutrition for Maximizing Muscle Mass, Strength, and Fat Loss

Chapter 27 Nutrition for Maximizing Muscle Mass and Strength
Chapter 28 Supplements for Maximizing Fat Loss

Appendix A: Metric Equivalents for Dumbbells and Weight Plates
Appendix B: Alternative Foods List
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