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Gold Glove Baseball By American Baseball Coaches Association


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Gold Glove Baseball By American Sport Education Program
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Solid defense begins before the first pitch is thrown. From player placement to situational awareness, the nuances of superior fielding are vast and varied. That’s why the American Baseball Coaches Association’s top defensive minds have compiled Gold Glove Baseball--to give you an all-encompassing resource to help turn your team into a stellar defensive unit.

The all-star lineup of coaches provide in-depth instruction, special insights, and practice drills on every aspect of defensive play. The book’s scope ranges from fundamentals to advanced tactics for those who have mastered the basics. Coaches at all levels and serious players will find great tips and new techniques for executing specific fielding maneuvers and complex plays involving several players. A sample defensive signals system will explain how to coordinate the positioning and movements of all nine fielders on every pitch.

Winning baseball requires smart and steady defensive play every bit as much as solid hitting and strong pitching. In fact, many top baseball coaches say that the foundation of championship teams is defense because it makes pitchers’ jobs easier and takes pressure off the offense. Gold Glove Baseball provides a complete plan for playing championship-caliber defense.


Chapter 1. Fielding Techniques, Davey Johnson
Chapter 2. Fielder Positioning, Sam Piraro
Chapter 3. Pitching Strategy, Steve Smith
Chapter 4. Catching Techniques, Jim Penders
Chapter 5. Stopping Steals From the Catcher Position, Scott Stricklin
Chapter 6. Executing Pickoffs and Rundowns, Mike Maack
Chapter 7. Defending Bunts, Jerry Weinstein
Chapter 8. Turning Double Plays, Rich Maloney
Chapter 9. Catching Pop-Ups and Fly Balls, Charlie Greene
Chapter 10. Making Cutoff and Relay Plays, Ed Flaherty
Chapter 11. Choosing Defensive Tactics in Games, Ken Knutson
Chapter 12. Communicating Tactics in the Field, Bob Bennett

© 2007 Paper: Book: 264 pages ISBN-13: 9780736062633