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Coaching Youth Basketball 5th Edition By American Sport Education Program, Don Showalter


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Coaching Youth Basketball 5th Edition By American Sport Education Program, Don Showalter
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Coaching Youth Basketball, Fifth Edition, will help you run organized practices as you develop your players’ fundamental skills. Written by the American Sport Education Program (ASEP), in conjunction with expert coach Don Showalter of USA Basketball, this book covers all aspects of player development that you need to know:

    • Preparing for and conducting efficient, age-specific practices
    • Teaching and developing skills
    • Providing a safe playing environment
    • Identifying and correcting errors in performance
    • Communicating with and encouraging players

You’ll also gain court-tested tips on running your team; communicating with players, officials, parents, and other coaches; providing basic first aid; and keeping it all fun. The book contains 47 drills and 29 coaching tips that are sure to jump-start your practices and improve players’ performance. In addition, you receive many photos and diagrams to facilitate your understanding of the skills and drills.Ideal for coaches of players ages 5 to 14, the fifth edition of Coaching Youth Basketball will help you focus on long-term athlete development by creating an environment in which your players can learn, progress in their skill development, increase their understanding of the game, and, most important, have fun.



Welcome From USA Basketball
Drill Finder
Key to Diagrams

Part I. Managing
Chapter 1. Responsibilities
Chapter 2. Preparations
Chapter 3. Game Days

Part II. Teaching
Chapter 4. Offensive Skills
Chapter 5. Offensive Tactics
Chapter 6. Offensive Drills
Chapter 7. Defensive Skills
Chapter 8. Defensive Tactics
Chapter 9. Defensive Drills

Part III. Practicing
Chapter 10. Practices for Ages 5 and 6
Chapter 11. Practices for Ages 7 and 8
Chapter 12. Practices for Ages 9 and 10
Chapter 13. Practices for Ages 11 and 12
Chapter 14. Practices for Ages 13 and 14

About the Authors

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